Best Gate Ideas For Your Backyard

Westminster gate installation

Currently, manufacturers offer a wide range of gates, both in terms of technology and design, so the choice is simple if you know what you are looking for and what best suits your backyard.

Westminster gate installation

Types of gates depending on the material they are made from

Traditionally, gates are divided into two categories: metal gates or wooden gates. However, because metals can be of several kinds (elements and alloys), these two categories can be extended as follows:

  • Aluminum gates
  • Wrought iron gates
  • Sheet metal gates
  • Wooden gates

Types of gates depending on the way of opening

  • Swing gates

This type of opening is the classic one and involves the installation of hinges at the gate`s extremity. The opening movement therefore traces an arc, usually towards the inside of the property. From a technical point of view, knowledgeable Westminster gate installation experts will confirm that this type of gate is less complex and, implicitly, less expensive.

However, in the case of small yards, this opening may impose limits on the size of the gates. Also, their action may be more difficult and, as a result, they are not recommended in the case of commercial properties, which have an estimated medium to intense traffic.

  • Sliding gates

In the case of sliding systems, the gates open practically parallel to the fence, so they are a great solution even for small yards. In addition, because such a gate does not present a central interruption, the risk of a burglary penetration is considerably reduced. For this reason, sliding gates are considered a safer solution than swing gates.



Wooden Gate Installation: Is It Still a Relevant Type?

Westminster gate installation

Wooden gates are rot-resistant and they add aesthetics to any garden. The timber has a green appearance from the pressure treating process, but it can be stained or painted. However, it still requires ongoing up-keep to be protected against decay. Moreover, while kept in storage, the wood material should not be exposed to extreme heat, humidity or moisture. Accumulated moisture has to be avoided at all costs in order to prolong the lifespan of the material. In addition, wooden gates also have to be installed correctly to prevent twisting or warping. The posts have to be installed using mechanical fixings, bolts, screws and anchors.

Westminster gate installation

Despite all of the challenges, the traditional and timeless appearance of wooden gates makes them as relevant as ever. Furthermore, they enhance privacy and maintain security. Westminster gate installation pros affirm that their professional appearance and efficient functionality can truly add curb value to any property.

High-quality timber is not prone to discoloration and can be very cost-effective. Moreover, wooden gates are more flexible than metal gates and they also provide a very natural look.

Wood is very aesthetically pleasing. It is also a very durable material because it can stand strong against the force of elements. However, it requires the correct protective treatment. For instance, oil can be used to preserve wood and improve its longevity. As a result, softwood gates can last up to seven years. They can also be equipped with excellent security features that provide comprehensive privacy and safety.

4 Reasons to Choose Iron Fencing

Westminster gate installation


When you need new fencing for your property, you are faced with multiple options and materials, so it can be difficult to make a choice. If iron fencing has caught your eye, but you’re having trouble deciding, here are the top reasons why it would be a good choice:

Westminster gate installation

  1. Durability

Durability is one of the biggest advantages of iron fences. Iron can withstand wear and tear and weather extremes much better than other materials, and it’s not vulnerable to insect damage, warping or rotting, like wooden fences are, for instance.

  1. Curb appeal

Iron fences are elegant and visually appealing, giving your property a timeless look and making it stand out to passersby.

  1. Security

Thanks to the material’s incredible strength, high quality Westminster gate installation specialists affirm that iron fencing will provide good security to your property, keeping intruders out, especially if you choose a taller fence, with pointed tips and close bars.

  1. Little maintenance

Compared to other materials, iron requires considerably less maintenance. Your property’s iron fence will just need a paint job every 2-3 years to keep its good looks and prevent rust. Moreover, iron fences don’t need repairs as often as other fencing types, so you can rest assure you won’t have to reach too deep into your pocket to pay for upkeep expenses.

The Features of the Most Durable Iron Gate You Can Install

Westminster gate installation

In terms of iron fencing, the installation of automatic gates is a complex procedure that entails numerous safety protocols. The complex task of gate installation is made challenging by the fact that it is difficult to choose the right equipment if the specifications stated by the manufacturer are not entirely clear. As a result, the installation of iron fencing gates should not be performed by amateurs or do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Westminster gate installation

Westminster gate installation professionals understand that one of the main features of a durable iron gate is wind resistance. This feature is especially important in windy locations. An experienced professional can easily predict the effect of wind on the gate, which is why installation is always done in accordance with this specific aspect.

Iron gates are classic and timeless and they are meant to provide durability and security. To ensure the popular vintage look, each hoop has to be bent by hand over a picket with the help of a craftsman. Moreover, an important feature of an iron gate is compliance with security and local and building codes or regulations. To ensure compliance with these regulations, precise measurements have to be taken and the right angles have to be identified.

All in all, iron gate installation is considered difficult because of the type of precision, tools and materials often required to get the job done. However, the end result can be worthwhile if the gate installed is durable and secure.


Hi-Tech Wooden Gate Installation – What Are the Possibilities?

Westminster gate installation

Westminster gate installation

To say that when installing wood fencing, the possibilities for a high tech wooden gate are endless would sound a bit exaggerated. But they are somewhat accurate. Westminster gate installation experts will confirm that  there are a lot of options out there when it comes to what type of gates can be installed. For instance, you can choose classic swing gates. They are a great option when you want to make an impression on guests and passersby. You can also do some very cool entrances through them. Just make sure that you have enough room for them to properly open. These gates take up a lot of space when fully opened and you wouldn’t want to diminish the sensation you get from them.

Also, when choosing wood fencing and high-tech wooden gates you can go for the cantilever option with automatic opening system. This option is very popular especially with those that want a greater degree of security. That’s because the cantilever system offers great protection through the way the gate opens and closes. Also, because of the way it is mounted, it greatly reduces the wear and tear and on the gate itself. So, if you are into looking great when opening your front gate, while still being protected, this may be the best option for you.

How to Make Sure that Your Gate Matches Your Fence

Westminster gate installation

Westminster gate installation

When picking out a fence for your property, you should make sure that you also pick out the right gate to go with it. That’s because having wood fencing, for instance, and an iron gate look a bit weird. So the gate and the fence should be from the same material. Of course there are those that like to mix it up a little and choose different materials. In this case, one should make sure that at least they are comparable in weight. Because a fence made out of wood may not be able to sustain an iron gate.

Also, if you are going with the wood fencing make sure that you ask your Westminster gate installation professional what gate to pick. That’s because there are plenty of types of gates to pick from, and not just when it comes to materials. There are swing gates, cantilever gates or rolling gates. Not to mention they each come in various styles. You can go with something more baroque or tend to something modern. Anyone you pick, you should just make sure that you get the one that matches the fence the best, not to mention the rest of the yard or building.

Westminster, CO Solutions for Wood Fencing and Wooden Gate Installation

Westminster gate installation

Westminster gate installation

When looking for wood fencing and gates, you should always be aware of what it means to have such solutions installed. For instance, you should know that not all wooden fences and gates are made from the same wood. Some may prefer using pine wood. That’s because the wood is relatively cheap and very easy to work with. Also, it is resistant to shrinkage. Others may be more attracted to cedar.  Westminster gate installation specialists affirm that although it may cost a bit more than other woods, it is very low-maintenance. That’s because the wood itself contains a special bug repellent substance that makes it last longer.

Another thing one should know about wood fencing is that you have to treat your fence with special solutions in order to make them last longer. For instance, there are solutions that prevent water damage. Waterproofing your wooden fence and gate is very important. That’s because wood is very susceptible to rot and other water related damage. So, you should make sure that the wood you use is properly treated. Also, there are a lot of substances that can prevent heat and sun damage. These are very important especially in areas that have a very warm climate that can easily affect the wood.

Is It Okay to Install a Gate on a Slope?

Westminster gate installation

Westminster gate installation

Whether you are looking for a good way to install a gate in your commercial fencing or you need a gate for your residential property, you should choose the place for the gate based on the features of the terrain. One of the features that you should have in mind when picking the place for your new fence is the slope of the surface – installing your gate on a slope should be avoided as much as possible. However, in some cases, sloping land is the only option for gate installation, so here are some tips from an experienced Westminster gate installation contractor on how to get a good gate even on land that is sloping:
– Get the narrowest gate possible – the wider your gate, the more it is affected by the slope and the more challenging it will be to keep your gating good operating condition. A narrower gate poses much fewer problems, so think about the smallest width that works for you.
– Consider the aspects related to opening and closing the gate – ideally your gate should be running on tracks and move along the fence section next to it. If you need a gate that swings open, make sure to get one that opens downhill.
– Consider leveling the ground – it might be a good idea to dig out a hole for the gate and install it the same way as you would on ground that is naturally level.

How Gate Installation Works for Uncommon Gate Designs

Westminster gate installation

Ornamental iron gate designs can be creative, unique, and slightly unusual. For gate styles with ornamental artworks, iron fencing (wrought iron) and vinyl fencing (wood slats and vinyl privacy screens) are, usually, the best possible choices.

Different colors have different types of decorative appeal. Still, regardless of the aesthetic aspect of fencing, the material should allow for an easy installation, which is why solid metal is usually used. Its durability, long lifespan, and elegance also add value to the property.

Westminster gate installation

According to sought after Westminster gate installation experts, there are various uncommon, eye-catching designs for ornamental gates and ornate entrances. Intricate detailing can provide beauty to ironwork, and professional artisans can invest their creativity in minimal or decorative techniques to offer a regal and luxurious look to the property. Moreover, fresh paint of ordinary black or grey can be just as stylish as vivid colors, even though the grey color scheme is less impactful.

Besides color-matching, distinguished artwork is another important factor in iron fencing and vinyl fencing. Mystical birds, ornaments, silhouettes, horizontally installed pillars, and metal mesh incorporated into the gate can be just as luring.

Another uncommon type of gate style is the rolling gates –also known as gates on wheels, which can be massive and glamorous when adorned with: statues, marble fences, creative monograms, unique beige columns, and other gorgeous details contributing to the harmony in the design.

Why Installing a Wooden Gate Can Improve Curb Appeal

Westminster gate installation

Wooden fencing and gates have a special something about them that makes anyone who sees them say “Wow!” That’s probably because wood is a very warm material that gives any place a homelier feel. Also, because wood is a natural material, it brings a sort of softness to the place it is used in, regardless of whether it is used inside or outside. That’s why designers and builders love to work with it. They can incorporate it in almost any environment, without making it seem out of place.

Westminster gate installation

Wooden fencing is also very malleable. That’s because wood is a very permissive material. It can be bent, curved and joined in almost any way you can imagine. In the hands of a skilled worker or craftsman, you can turn anything you envision into reality when using wood. Also, a Westminster gate installation expert near me says it is highly customizable. You can go for natural colors or for something bolder, though it doesn’t just have to be about color. You can choose to have decorative elements carved directly into the wood, or have them attached separately. All in all, using wood can really enhance the way your property looks from outside.