To Whom it May Concern,

John Bowman, Inc. (JBI) submits this correspondence in support of Metro Fence Company (MFC) and their work history with our organization. JBI has had the privilege of being associated with MFC for over Ten years while performing miscellaneous requirements on multi-discipline contracts located at the United States Air Force Academy, Peterson AFB, Schriever AFB, Cheyenne Mountain AFB and Fort Carson Army Depot.

MFC and their employees have always met the challenge(s) at hand. MFC has a documented history demonstrating their ability to conform to stringent contract specifications, performance standards, health regulatory compliance, quality assurance measures and performance period schedules. Throughout JBl’s relationship with MFC, they have continually shown their reliability, dedication and willingness to work with all contracted parties as a team member to meet the project objective (including cost-growth containment). JBI has enjoyed having access to MFC’s high ethical standards, and importantly, their ability go above and beyond the call of duty. MFC’s culture allows them to let their performance speak for itself-A unique and welcomed attribute in today’s available pool of qualified contractors.

It is without reservation that I strongly recommend MFC for any contract work under consideration. Simply stated, they deserve the favorable reputation they have EARNED with our company.