The Durability and Beauty of Iron Fencing

Properly installed, metal fences can be a perfect choice for any property. They guarantee the desired results in terms of safety and aesthetics, while also being an excellent option when looking for an affordable price and easy maintenance.

There is a wide range of models, made of various metals: galvanized steel, wrought iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and more. All of these choices will satisfy even the most demanding tastes. Of all these materials, wrought iron fences have a special beauty, therefore a particular decorative potential. Such a fence will beautify your property and give it an air of distinction.

ornamental iron fence Denver

In addition to the aesthetic appearance, the type of beautiful ornamental iron fence Denver fence companies offer has many other features that make it very suitable for the construction of fences and gates:

  • High tensile strength: between 240 -350 MPa, as opposed to 35-90 MPa, in the case of aluminum.
  • Increased hardness: Brinell hardness of wrought iron is about 100 MPa. In contrast, copper has 35 Mpa, and aluminum 15 Mpa.
  • Malleability: Wrought iron contains less carbon than cast iron, so it tolerates stretching and bending very well. This allows the freedom to make elaborate, beautiful designs.
  • Easily weldable: In the process of making an iron fence, it is necessary to combine different elements of wrought iron or even to fasten the iron to other ferrous elements. Wrought iron welds easily, and the result is durable and complex.