The Latest Gate Technology in Denver: From Fingerprint Scanners to Facial Recognition 

You can never be too safe at home or at your place of business. And when modern technology is involved, we can expect to see some great gates Denver security features.

Let us look at some of them:

  1. Fingerprint Scanners

Forget keys, badges and other access control items which can be stolen or duplicated. The latest in Denver gate trends is to use the fingerprint to unlock the gate. After all, if it works for unlocking smartphones, why not use the same handy (pun intended) feature for the main entrance?

  1. Remote Turnstile Operation

Turnstiles are very popular in office buildings and other commercial properties. One of the issues with this system is allowing legitimate visitors’ access into the building. With remote operation, the entire process is seamless and does not keep the visitor waiting until someone comes to grant them access.

  1. Facial Recognition

Advanced facial recognition security systems are still a new thing and used on commercial building gates. However, it is very likely that we will soon gain access to our home simply by looking into a smart camera.

At the present, the closest thing we have for residential building complexes is the number plate recognition system. Thus, the gate will open automatically, without having to use a remote control.