The Most Common Fence Issues and Repair Methods

Fences are continuously exposed to the elements and each type of fence material has a different reaction to the prolonged stress. Here are some of the most common residential fencing Denver issues, the materials that they affect and the repair methods that should be used:

  • Leaning fence posts, fallen panels – most commonly affecting fences made from chain link, wood and vinyl, the issue is usually caused by high winds, soil erosion or impact. If the fence is damaged by wind or falling objects, the remedy involves only the replacement of the panels and the straightening of the posts, but if the issue is caused by soil erosion, you will need an expert to create a suitable drainage system;
  • Mildew, rot and insect damage – these issues affect wood fences and can be repaired by removing the damaged part of the fence and correcting it with some caulk. You can prevent the issue in the future by applying and reapplying suitable coating and paint;
  • Staining – the issue is mostly encountered on vinyl fences. Fortunately, it is easy to remedy, all you need to do is to clean the affected area with some soap water;
  • Rust – found on chain link and metal fencing, the remedy depends on the extent of the damage. Small spots can be removed with a brush and some rust removal product, but if the rusty area is too large, the panel needs to be replaced. To prevent further rusting, the repair should include the application of a rust prevention coating as well.

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