The Most Popular 2019 Fence Design Trends

The fence around your property plays much more than the functional role of protecting your home from prying eyes and intruders – your fence has a very important aesthetic function as well, pulling together the design of your entire property and making a powerful style statement. Like the appearance of any other building and property components, fence installation Denver design is also governed by trends, so here are some of the hottest fence design solutions for the current year:

  • Adding plants – whether you have a low picket fence or a taller fence, integrating florals is a great way to enhance the appearance of the fence. You can choose climbing plants to conceal the fence completely, you can surround the fence with colorful flowers planted in beds or you can install shelves for plants on the fence panels;

fence installation Denver designs

  • Use colors – natural and earth colors are still great to use on fences, but designers recommend stronger colors, such as red, blue, orange or black as well;
  • Combine materials – fences that consist of masonry on the bottom and wood or wrought iron on the top, fences that bring together wood and metal or vinyl and wood in a harmonious unit are very trendy these days.