Things to Consider Before Repainting Your Fence

If you want your fence to have a long lifespan, it must be protected. The biggest enemy of wood is moisture, so this type of fence has to be treated to withstand the weather. The paint layer works as a protective coating against moisture, sun and pest infestation.

You can use special varnish, glaze or paint on your fence, but you must choose products specially created to be used outdoors because otherwise they will not protect the wood properly.

To prepare the fence, start by cleaning the area around it. After you finish, cover the ground with a protective foil to avoid damaging the grass with leaking paint. Inspect the fence and do the necessary repairs, such as replacing nails or cracked boards. After you finish, you must use a piece of sandpaper to clean the surface of the fence from traces of old paint; the smoother the surface of the wood, the easier and efficient the painting.

metal Arvada fencing

As for metal Arvada fencing, if you are wondering if you need a special paint, the answer is YES! There are paints specifically created for surfaces such as your iron fence, which means they provide the adequate cover and protection. In some cases it is not necessary to apply a primer before painting, because there are paints with anti-corrosive properties, which inhibit rust and prevent its appearance, without help from an additional product.