Things to Know About Fence Toppers

A fence topper is a decorative component installed on the top of the fence that serves the purpose of adding elegance to an otherwise plain fence and to increase the privacy of your property by increasing the height of your fence. You can have Arvada fencing contractors install fence toppers on your existing fence or you can install your new fence with toppers – the range of styles that toppers come in is so wide that you can easily find the type that fits into your project easily.

fence toppers
You can find fence toppers from any common fence material – wood and metal toppers are just as easy to find as vinyl toppers. They come in the form of panels of various sizes, so before you make the purchase, measure the fence panels accurately to be able to find the best match.
Fence toppers require the treatment recommended for the material they are made from. Maintaining the topper is easier if it is made from the same material as the rest of the fence, whether you have chosen to combine two different materials or the fence and the topper is from the same material, always start any cleaning and coating from the top to the bottom, working on the topper first and moving on to the fence body when the topper is clean.