Things to Know About Staining Your Wood Fence

wood fence
When it comes to building a fence, the material options are extremely varied. It is possible to choose concrete or brick fences, if you need a solid and protective result, stone fences for an elegant aspect, or modern PVC fences. The most popular, however, remain wooden fences.
Wood is a material that has been used since always, it does not cost much, it can be easily processed and comes with a number of advantages. Obviously, it also has some disadvantages, so before making the decision to build such a fence, it is good to be informed.
Being a natural material, it is more prone to damage than other materials. Wood is subject to the action of environmental factors that can destroy it more quickly, especially in the absence of proper maintenance.
The stains on a wooden fence should draw attention because they can indicate problems. Sometimes it is only temporary moisture or dirt, but other times stains are caused by mold or indicate the beginning of the rotting process.
To clean a wooden fence you need
• a water solution based on chlorine, oxygen bleach or liquid soap
• a brush
• a garden hose
Spread the solution over the fence using the brush, allowed to act for 30 minutes, and then rinse it using the garden hose.
If your fence seems beyond stain repair, Denver fence companies offer free quotes, so give them a call and see if you would be better off replacing your fence.