Three Ways Commercial Fencing Differ from Residential Fencing

People may think that commercial fencing and residential fencing are the same. The truth is that there are some significant differences between the two, one being that commercial fencing typically has to be sturdier. That’s because these fences need to offer better protection to the property. Usually, residential fencing simply needs to separate two distinct areas from each other. Commercial solutions for fences must effectively protect whatever might be behind them.

Thornton fencing

A second difference between residential and commercial fencing is that the former has a more decorative purpose than the latter.  Durable Thornton fencing installed on residential properties are typically used to express some sort of vibe or mood. Fences in commercial areas, on the other hand, are more practical. Yes, some companies choose to customize their fences with logos and different colors, but their prime role is a practical one.

Also, commercial fencing must have greater mobility than residential fencing. With regards to factories or large stores, one can imagine that their gates and fences need to be easily moveable so that traffic can enter and exit with ease. That is why the gates for these fencing solutions are usually considerably larger than those used in residential areas.