Tips for Increasing the Longevity of Your Fence

Fences are property components that are continuously exposed to the elements, yet they need to look their best all the time and they are also expected to be long-lasting. If you want to make sure that your fence performs as expected, Arvada fence company will increase the longevity of your fence. Here are a few tips to increase its longevity:
fence installation
– Regular inspections – whatever material your fence is made from, you can prevent damage to it by performing regular, detailed, inch-by-inch inspection. During the inspections, you will surely find minor issues, such as loose fasteners or loose boards, but in most cases the problems identified during regular inspections are easy to fix;
– Coating – the longevity of metal fences can be increased with the help of anti-corrosive coating or enamel applied every few years, while wood fences can also be made more durable with coatings that protect them against rot and insect attacks;
– Use gravel at the bottom of the posts – water is an insidious enemy of any type of fencing material. Fortunately, improving the drainage in the area around the posts can help prevent water damage. Put 2-3 inches of gravel in the holes for your posts to direct water away and to prevent rot and other types of damage caused by too much contact between your fence and water.