Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Fence

Metro Fence Company Inc

Commercial fences, like any built structure, need maintenance to be able to perform well for the entire lifespan they are warranted for. Here are some efficient maintenance tasks suggested by fencing pros, like those found at Metro Fence Company Inc, that will prolong the life of your commercial fence:

  • Regular inspections and cleaning – the dust, dirt and grime that settles on your fence can be harmful and might weaken your fence, whatever material it is made from. To prevent that from happening, clean the fence every six months and inspect it to see whether any repairs are necessary. Pay attention to the foundation of the posts, too – loose posts can lead to fence sagging and fence leaning, compromising the strength of the entire fence;
  • Timely repairs – if you detect any fault, such as sagging, cracks, rust on metal components, signs of mold, rot, mildew or insect attack on wood components, take immediate repair action to prevent the faults from getting worse;
  • Damage prevention – wood, metal and masonry fences need more protection from the elements than the fences made from synthetic materials. Fortunately, there are lots of great protective coating products available – pick your product and make sure to apply it and reapply it according to the instructions for best results.