Tips for Maintaining Your Wood Fence

Wood fences are popular for many reasons – they are attractive, stylish and durable additions to any property. However, wood can preserve its natural good looks and its qualities only if it is properly taken care of – here is how:
– Staining – apply some stain soon after the fence is installed to protect it against rot and to prevent insect attacks;
– Cleaning – inspect your fence regularly and remove any dirt, such as leaves or mud as soon as you notice the issue. You can clean the fence using a pressure washer and you can use some vinegar to remove the most stubborn spots;
– Remove mildew and mold – regular inspections can help you notice any signs of mildew and mold in time. If you notice the presence of the issue, wash the fence with some soap water, then follow up with some mold removing liquid;
– Painting and resealing – you need to repaint your fence every 3-4 years. Clean the surface of the wood to remove old paint, then apply the fresh coat followed with some sealant for enhanced protection;
Superior Arvada fence company professionals suggest checking regularly for loose, rusty or damaged fasteners – wood expands and contracts all the time, which may cause the nails, the screws or the hinges on the fence to become loose or damaged. Check the fasteners regularly and fix any issues that you notice.

wood fence maintenance