Tips for Preparing Your Property for Your New Fence

Installing a new fence on your property requires careful preparation, especially if it involves the demolition of the old fence to make space for the new one. Here are some of the things that you will need to take care of:

  • Establish property limits clearly – take a look at the property drawings and blueprints and make sure that the fence is on your side of the property limits;

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  • Obtain fence repair Thornton CO permits if you need to – find out whether or not the operations you are proposing require a permit. Consult HOA covenants and local building regulations – they will tell you how to apply for a permit if you need one and what type of fences are allowed in the neighborhood;
  • Inform your neighbors about your plans – you are not required by the law to do this, but discussing your plans with your property neighbors will improve your relationship with them;
  • Choose your materials and create the design – choose your material and create the design based on your preferences and the fence repair Thornton CO HOA covenants that informs such choices in your neighborhood as well as based on the terrain on your property and the climate area where your property is located;
  • Clean the area of the installation – de-weeding the area and loosening the ground where it is too hard are also very important.