Tips for Preventing Fence Rust

Iron fences are some of the best solutions for adding security and also enhance the aspect of your property. However, just like other fencing materials, metal has its specific problems, and the word “rust” sums them up. Preventing fence rust is very important for the aspect and durability of the fence.

ornamental iron fence

An ornamental iron fence in Denver requires periodic maintenance and some special tools, considering that in some cases you will need to remove existing rust first, as well as debris and dirt that interfere with the rust-proofing treatment. Typically, these tools include gloves, goggles, a face mask, a disc sander and sand paper, a wire brush for scrubbing, a rust removing solution and mineral oil.

Start by assessing the condition of your fence and then start cleaning the existent rust and debris. Once you have removed what was possible to remove, apply the rust cleaner, allow it to react and then use a water hose to rinse the cleaner and the remaining loose rust. These steps can be repeated if necessary.

Wipe dry the surface of the fence and apply a special rust proof coating as a primer and then apply a sealer or paint your fence as you wish.