Tips for Protecting Your Fence from Winter Weather

Winter is the season when it is most likely that we experience inclement weather, so taking extra care of your fence is important. If with a vinyl fence you will not worry about too many things except for verifying its stability and integrity and cleaning it, when it comes to a wood fence, things get more complicated.

Wood is a beautiful element and also resistant and durable, but only if it is treated and maintained properly. Otherwise, it will rot soon enough, or it will be infested by pests.

According to fence repair Thornton CO professionals, to prevent these problems, a wood fence has to be cleaned periodically and varnished or painted. This way, it will remain protected from moisture and the freeze-thaw cycles happening during the cold season. You should also consider trimming the trees close to your fence, to prevent snow accumulation or fallen branches that may damage your fence.

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Metal fences require almost the same type of treatment, as they are subject to rust because of the same reasons. However, people who have a metal fence will have to treat it rarely compared to wooden fence owners.

When you choose varnishes or paints for such a treatment, make sure you opt for adequate products, designed for being used outdoors and on the material your fence is made from.