Tips for Stopping Your Dog from Digging under the Fence

fence protection for pets
Dogs love digging under the fence that surrounds their territory for various reasons – they may need some entertainment, they are looking for prey, they are looking for comfort or they might just want to escape. Whatever the motivation behind your dog’s digging habit, if you need to watch your canine pet all the time to prevent him from ruining your fence and from creating dangerous situations, here are a few tips to help you stop him:
– Identify and address the motivation – if your dog’s behavior is motivated by the desire to attract your attention, to find entertainment or to hunt, try to address that motivation first. Try to spend more time with your dog, take him for longer walks, play with him more or try to find out if there are any critters underneath your fence that trigger your dog’s hunting instinct and try to get rid of them;
– Use deterrent substances – pepper spray or capsicum spray are harsh substances that taste and smell very strong, but are not harmful for your dog’s health. Try spraying some in your dog’s favorite digging area to teach him not to go there;
– Add an L-foot to the fence – attach some chicken wire in an L-shape along the base of the fence to prevent your dog from going close to the fence.

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