What Are the Top Colorado High Schools to Send Your Children to?

While you’re in the process of relocating to Colorado with your entire family, finding the right high schools for your children is one of the most important task you have. If you want your teenagers to gain access to the top schools in the state, the following three options should be among your top picks:

  • One of the best and oldest high schools in Colorado is the Boulder High School. Founded in 1875, this is a highly prestigious academic center focused on supporting advanced placement courses in 30 different subjects. In 2015, the high school was responsible for the successful graduation of 105 AP scholars, 50 of which were AP national scholars.
  • Part of the Lewis-Palmer School District #38, the Lewis-Palmer High School is considered one of the safest and most proficient in Colorado. Here you can be sure your children are provided with an excellent education, a fun campus focused on learning and safety, as well as excellent scheduling and good support for students of any ethnicity.
  • Finally, Grandview provides both parents and teens with excellent support, and it’s one of the best high schools to send your children to, if you want them to have a glowing career later in life. With a lot of supplemental programs and good academic assessment practices, this high school will offer your children the best evaluations to keep track of their progress and help them adapt accordingly.

These are just a few of the excellent schools offered in the Denver metro/Boulder area. There will be a school that works best for your family’s needs and abilities.

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