Types of Grass That Go Well with Your New Fence and Garden

When choosing your new commercial fencing you should also consider investing in the space behind it. This usually means improving the aesthetic appeal of the yard or garden on your business’ property. Many may underestimate what it takes to achieve beautiful landscaping, and assume that spreading some gravel around is enough. Although laying gravel may help improve the grounds, adding new grass can really give the vibrancy you need to attract the attention of potential customers passing by. The question is, how do you select the right grass?

Metro Fence

While matching your new commercial fencing – check for advice from https://metrofence.net/ –  with the grass may sound a little extreme, a lot of companies do that in order to increase the visibility of their properties. That is why there are some special types of grass that pair well with any fencing. For instance, if you want to just have a patch of low maintenance, very fresh looking grass, you should go with some fescue grass. This one does great, especially in drier areas, and looks good both in the sun and in the shade. If you are more on the classical side of things, then Kentucky blue-grass is the one for you- although this is usually recommended mostly for colder areas.