The Most Unique and Natural Fencing Trends to Consider in 2018

Fencing has become a real fashion in recent years. While, in the past, homeowners were happy to limit themselves to the classic white picket fence that has become somewhat of a cliche in some circles, nowadays the focus is on ingenuity and unleashing one’s creativity when it comes to finding the best and brightest fencing trends in our modern age.

2018 is a year of renewal for home decoration, and the change is being felt nationwide. If you’re keeping up with the times, you’ve probably already heard of the new trend of planting rows of trees right next to the fence (or of installing fences right next to your existing row of trees). A darker painted blue, green or gray fence next to the lighter bark of some trees will look splendid in spring, summer and fall.

secure ornamental fence

If you want privacy, consider a secure ornamental iron fence Denver option or a tall wooden fence lined with shrubs and plants. A tidy row of stones separating the shrubs from your neatly mowed lawn will give a refreshing sense of cleanliness that you can show off to visitors any time.

Finally, for those who are still keen on the good old-fashioned picket fence, you can spice up your white fence design with a tall picket gate, an archway and climbing vines decorating the arch. The vines, along with the surrounding trees and shrubs will work wonders to offer a natural contrast with the fence’s clean, white appearance.