Uses for Chain Link Fencing

A chain link fence has an extensive degree of adaptability, due to its many applications; it is great for household use, making cages and marking perimeters for animals, making fence panels, fences, metal fittings etc.

Also, chain link fencing is a great option for gardening. Any flower and vegetable garden, as well as any orchard needs a protective fence. Most plants love light so, from this point of view, chain link fencing is recommended for their optimal development.

Chain link Brighton fencing

There are many other examples of places where this type of fences can also be installed. In addition to the private sector, they protect various industrial installations. Fences are used for buildings, factories and other structures, often being also installed within the perimeter of educational and sports institutions.

This fence is also widely used in construction: it serves as a reinforced support for building facades.

Chain link Brighton fencing is durable and easy to install even on sloped or uneven surfaces,. Its overall aspect is neat, continuous and can be easily matched with the garden or the house itself, because it comes in different colors. Another pro is that this fence type is significantly cheaper,  compared to other possible solutions.