Vinyl vs. Wood Fencing – Which Type of Fence Is Best for Your Denver Home?

Buying a new fence can be a challenge because of the many available fencing options that are out there. If you want the very best fence for your property, two of the most important options you can choose from will be to install a cheaper and simpler vinyl fence, or go for a more pretentious option and for better security, by installing a wooden fence.

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Vinyl is generally a cheaper and easier to install option. Although it doesn’t have as many options for styling or coloring, a vinyl fence does its job and it’s pretty durable despite its lack of resilience in front of stronger impacts. Vinyl is also more accessible in some areas around Denver, so you’ll find a lot of vinyl fence installation Denver contractors who will be able and more than happy to install your vinyl fence in real time.

Wood fencing is far more stylish and extravagant compared to vinyl. More expensive and diverse, it can offer you an ideal blend between privacy and protection, especially when used together with other fencing options or when used as a privacy fence. A sturdy wooden fence made from cedar is also going to protect you from intruders, and you won’t even have to paint it using expensive or carefully chosen products. Basic paint or stain will be enough to keep your wooden fence beautiful and durable for a long time to come.