What are Boundary Fences?

boundry fenceA boundary fence marks a land division or partition. Typically, it is built between two properties, to mark the line where one property ends and the other begins.

These fences are owned by both parts. In these circumstances, both owners are responsible for a boundary fence’s maintenance and repairs, unless they make another arrangement that is convenient to both of them. However, these agreements can only be made between current neighbors; if one of the owners relocates, the agreement is no longer available with the person that buys the property.

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When there are multiple properties delimited by boundary feces, the rules about who owns which fence may vary. Every house may own the fence situated on its right side or on its left side. The vendor who divided the land parcels before selling them individually is the one who assigns boundaries ownership and should specify these details in the conveyance deed. If the vendor forgets about this aspect, people who are interested must look for the information existent in the Seller’s Property Information Form, at the time they bought their property.

In the matter of the responsibility of a boundary fence, the neighbors should do their best to come to an agreement. If this thing is not possible, they have the option to make a legal case and allow the law to decide.