What Are Security Fences Made From and Which Ones Should You Use?

It’s not always easy to ensure that your fence can deliver both in terms of style and when it comes to security. When you are aiming for installing a high quality security fence that will keep your property protected, however, you have a variety of options that can all work great in both areas:

  • Chain link Brighton fencing is the most typical and one of the most affordable choices for security fencing. Also known as hurricane fencing, this type of fence has varying levels of durability depending on the various gauges that it has. It can be used for larger properties and combined with a variety of advanced security systems for added protection.

Brighton fencing

  • Welded wire mesh is a more affordable alternative to chain link fencing that is commonly used around factories and other large commercial buildings. Despite the lower cost, it is very practical as a security fence because of its high durability.
  • If you want a sturdy and natural looking security fence, timber can get you there. Timber is durable and often recommended when you need to keep intruders out while also creating exceptional curb appeal.
  • Metal railings are probably the most durable and the best option when it comes to protecting your property and integrating it with advanced security and surveillance systems. Usually made from steel, metal railings can be affordable, weather-resistant and highly secure.