What Are Some Efficient Ways to Keep Unwanted Critters Out of Your Garden?

Even though you might be committed to setting up and managing a natural garden, not all plants and animals that might end up inhabiting your garden are safe. While some are beneficial, others can lay waste to your crops, eat your produce or attract pests and diseases that can effectively kill most of your plants.

Keeping larger critters away can be done by setting up a perimeter fence around your garden. Although it won’t keep smaller or underground critters away, it will help discourage rodents and larger creatures from entering your garden. Hi-tech manufacturers can even provide you with fences similar to invisible electronic dog fences that are adapted to keep out specific species of animals such as rabbits and other rodents. Talk to leading Arvada fencing contractors for expert advice.

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For keeping out insects that are harmful to your plants and crops, you can use another method alternative to pesticides – which can be harmful to your plants as well. This method involves attracting beneficial critters such as snails, bees and bumblebees, as well as other beneficial insects that can help keep your plants healthy and reduce the population of various types of pests at the same time.

Through this technique, you essentially allow nature to do your job, so you can just sit back and relax while your garden flourishes.