What are the Best Fencing Materials?


If you plan a fencing project on your property, your priority is to select quality  materials, in order to create a long lasting fence.

You can choose from many materials, depending on the type and functionality of the fence you want to install. Here are pros and cons about some of the most popular Brighton fencing options.

Metal fences

Brighton fencing

When it comes to metal fences, they are typically made of aluminum, steel,  forged iron and chain-link. Aluminum Brighton fencing is the most versatile, iron fencing is mostly used with automatic gates, to protect properties, while forged iron fences are mostly decorative. Chain-link Brighton fencing is popular in agriculture and industry.

Metal fences are durable and require little maintenance compared to wood fences, but some of these materials can also be very expensive.

Vinyl fences

This is probably the most convenient fencing option, considering the wide range of styles, as well as factors like durability and strength. Vinyl is resistant to weather, as well as to wear and tear and requires almost no maintenance.

Wood fences

These fences are some of the most aesthetically appealing, due to the natural aspect of the wood. However, they also require regular maintenance, which may be quite expensive. Wood has to be treated against moisture and insect attack.