What Are the Main Challenges in Maintaining Wooden Fences?

Thornton fencing

Fences are important for keeping your property safe, while also keeping your pets and children inside your yard. Although most people certainly are putting a lot of efforts into maintaining the good state of their fences, chances are these will need to be fixed at least once during their lifetime.

Of course, the exact durability of your wooden fence depends on the exact type of wood. Thus, cedar is the longest-lasting type of wood, with over 30 years of durability. Spruce and pine are some other good examples of wood which is typically employed for Thornton fencing systems.

Among the most frequent challenges in maintaining wooden fences is the windy climate, or high winds. Some other causes for damaged fences include leaning posts, poor or adverse soil conditions, impact deteriorations, and so on. Always rely on wooden Thornton fencing expert builders to ensure quality installation and maintenance.

One of the most commonly-encountered installation problems comes from the fact that the poles are not installed deep enough in the ground. Wooden posts have to be about three feet deep. At the same time, during the post installations, you should make sure you are not damaging the utility lines.

Wooden fences can also get stained or affected by mildew. Therefore, a wooden fence should be properly cleaned and treated with special solutions.