What Causes a Leaning Fence and How Can You Prevent the Problem?

In many cases, leaning fences are among the most significant problems that are associated with newer fences. Although it’s common for a leaning fence to arise in the case of an older fence, this issue is also prevalent in the case of new, well-designed fences, since it doesn’t depend so much on the fence’s construction, as it does on external factors.

Typically, leaning fences are caused by sleet and extreme precipitation – including rain, hail and snow fall. It can also be caused by strong winds, especially if the fence is located on a hill or other sloped terrain, or at higher altitudes.

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The main thing to do when you discover that your fence might start to lean in a certain direction is to call a reputable fence repair Thornton CO contractor and talk to them about any reinforcing upgrades they can provide, that would help counter the force that periodically makes the fence lean.

They can often find out a lot about the general force that your fence is subjected to simply by examining the terrain, the trees and the geography surrounding your home. Then they can formulate a viable strategy and provide you with a detailed set of options that can range from installing reinforcing elements, to replacing your entire fence with one based on more robust materials.