What Is The Average Cost Of A Commercial Fence Installation?

chain link fence Denver

The cost of a commercial fence installation generally depends on the type of material, but also on the type of technique, style, and so on. The least expensive one is the chain link fence. This is also known as a diamond fence, a cyclone fence, a hurricane fence or a wire mesh fence. A quality chain link fence in Denver will most likely be between $2000 and $4000.

It is very important to remember that the pricing for a commercial fence is generally done by linear foot. A chain link fence may therefore cost somewhere between $15 and $18 per linear foot. At any rate, wood tends to be a bit more expensive than chain link, namely between $20 and $25 per linear foot.

In the case of wood fence, it should be noted here that purchasing wood panels costs less than building a fence from scratch. Fence suppliers usually offer better quality materials than home improvement shops.

As far as the labor costs are concerned, they usually fluctuate around the amount of $8 per linear foot, depending on the exact region. Thus, metropolitan areas usually imply higher fence costs than more secluded spots. And, of course, the complexity of the project dictates the exact costs for your commercial fencing.