What is the Longevity that You Can Expect of a Chain Link Fence

chain link fence
Chain link fences are among the most durable, most versatile and most flexible fencing solutions available today – they can be easily installed on flat and uneven or hilly terrain, they can endure the harshest weather, including extended, heavy rain, snow, winds and harsh sunshine and they are suitable for creating really large fences as well.
Chain link fencing is made from galvanized or specially coated steel wires woven into the characteristic diamond shape. Treated steel being among the most durable materials ever used in construction, you can expect chain link fences to last for at least 20-35 years without problems, but the lifespan of the fence can be prolonged almost infinitely with proper attention and maintenance.
Taking care of your chain link fence is quite easy – if the fence and gate have been installed correctly and the support poles are placed in sufficiently deep holes, you will not need to do any digging and repositioning during the maintenance, all you need to do is clean it regularly, and have Westminster fencing experts inspect for signs of rust and for holes and to repair or replace the damaged sections. It is also important to apply a new layer of protective coating or paint every couple of years – without it, the fence can rust, which will significantly diminish its lifetime.