What Product Is Best for Weatherproofing A New Wood Fence

It is a well-known fact that the outside weather can seriously damage a wood fence, and therefore treating it with special solutions is essential for prolonging its lifespan. According to certain reports, a period of at least 3 weeks of weather exposure can seriously deteriorate a wooden fence.

Denver Metro Fence Company

In order to use the best kind of treatment for your fence, you need to know the exact type of wood which was used for building it, and how it generally reacts to outside conditions. Denver Metro Fence Company contractors explain that, in this respect, there are certain types of wood which are more durable and resistant against outside weather. In this category we could include black locust, yew and white oak. Some other types of wood which are considered to have high durability are redwood, red oak, Western juniper or Western red cedar. On the other side, among the less resistant types of wood we should mention alder, Douglas fir, pine or white fir.

Regardless of their degree of resistance, all types of wood should be treated with sealants or paints in order to resist outside elements. At the same time, weatherproofing a new fence can add extra beauty and therefore make your whole living environment more appealing.