What Should You Do With That Old Fence?

Thornton fencing repair

Perhaps you want to replace your old fence with a new one, and wonder what you should be doing with that stuff after you remove it. There are many ideas for re-using parts of your older fence.

One such idea is to build a wooden clock. Older posts which are no longer part of a fencing system can create a beautifully rustic type of clock, which can also be useful. Colorful birdhouses are yet another great idea for purposefully re-using your old fence.

A rustic coffee table is yet another great option, especially if you put wheels to it, and you add extra ornaments such as a beautiful vase.

Another great idea is to use your old fence for creating direction signs for your most preferred destinations. This can be particularly fun if you live close to the beach.

A high heel rack may be one of the easiest and most efficient ways to re-use an old fence. All you need to do is turn it to one side, so that the slats stay horizontally, and you can use it for storing high-heeled shoes. A towel bar or potting bench can be some other good ideas for re-purposing your fence.

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