What to Do If You Have A Moldy Fence

Mold can affect not only building interiors – it is quite common on fences as well and, just like in the case of neglected mold in homes, the unsightly, grey and black patches and streaks can damage the surface they proliferate on. Fortunately, removing mold from your fence is not very difficult – here are the steps to follow:Westminster fencing repair

  • Prepare the ground around the fence – spread some plastic foil to avoid plant damage caused by spilling or drips of chemicals, such as detergents or sealants;
  • Clean the fence – use your power washer or give your fence a good wash with a mix of detergent and warm water or, for a deeper cleaning, use a mix of bleach and water. Use a sponge to scrub and to swipe off mold or, if necessary, get an old toothbrush to clean the fence components even more efficiently. Finish the cleaning phase with a thorough rinse using plain, clean water;
  • Fix other issues if necessary – call Westminster fencing pros to fix damage in the cleaned area to avoid having to come back to the fence section later;
  • Apply sealant – wait until the fence dries completely, then apply the right type of sealant on it. Choose a product that contains some sort of fungicide – after all, mold is the result of the proliferation of fungi.