What Type of Gate Works Best for a Commercial Property?

Westminster gate installation

As a business owner, you probably know the importance of a commercial fencing system for keeping your employees safe and sound. But a gate is equally important, and it is necessary to know how to choose the right gate for your commercial property.

Your choice depends on the specific goals and necessities of the gate which is about to be installed. In this respect, spaces in which there are a lot of vehicle traffic would best benefit from hydraulic slide gates or those with barrier arms.

Slide gates are the most recommended option for commercial properties, because they are highly resistant to weather and large vehicle traffic. Ornamental slide gates are ideal for commercial properties which do not want to sacrifice appearance for functionality.

Another great idea is to select a vertical pivot Westminster gate installation for your commercial fencing system. This type of gate can open and close really quickly, in terms of a few seconds, which prevents traffic build-up. For limited spaces, you can try using vertical-lift gates. These gates are perfect for delivery docks, transportation terminals, or other centers which are found in restricted areas.

Access control commercial gates can be yet another viable option, depending on a few details such as the type of traffic you’re expecting.