What Types of Products are Used to Treat Wood Fences?

The exact types of products which are recommended for treating wood fences depend on the species of wood. The degree of protection which is necessary is another important factor to be considered, and which depends on the type of climate you live in.

The condition of the wood may also influence the amount of solution required for treating your wood fence. The porosity of the wood and the method of application are yet some other aspects which can help you decide the best products to treat your wood fence.

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Wood preservatives help you keep your fence in tip-top shape for a long time. As a matter of fact, wood preservatives protect your fence from the damaging action of mold, algae, fungi or insects. Wood preservatives contain insecticides and biocides. Despite the fact that they are pretty efficient, wood preservatives do have their limitations. In this respect, wood surfaces treated with preservatives may need re-painting or re-coating every couple of years.

Another decision you are most likely to make is between water-based and solvent-based wood preservatives. Talk details with Arvada fence company pros because each of these two has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should know the exact characteristics of each product before you make your decision.