What’s Happening in Construction in Colorado and How Will Current Projects Shape the Future?

There are a lot of large construction projects currently being underway in Colorado. From Denver’s imposing skyscrapers getting new neighbors to populate the local scenery, to new multifamily housing units being built throughout Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder and most of the other notable cities in the state of Colorado, there are numerous new projects that are reshaping the future of the state for good.

After Denver was recently associated with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty’s hall of shame, new measures were taken to protect the homeless in the city and provide them with better shelter. The recent initiative for building a second “tiny home” village for the homeless was crowned with success, and its inauguration for the spring of 2018 looks promising.

Denver city skyline Denver is also launching initiatives to build more restaurants and affordable housing units. In a surprise decision, investors met to sign a deal that would commit $24 million to establishing the Elevation Community Land Trust, which will provide 700 new affordable housing units.

Other cities in Colorado have also taken the initiative to accelerate their building efforts. Downtown Colorado Springs will never be the same, after investors committed more than $600 million to local commercial construction projects, while Boulder construction teams are working around the clock on renovation projects throughout the city, including the Brenton Building, which is one of the largest renovation projects in the entire city.

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