Where Do Most Fencing Materials Actually Come from and Why Is It Important?

In the past, homeowners trying to install privacy or security fencing didn’t use to worry too much about where their fencing materials came from. They simply called up a contractor, established the details and pricing of the project, and had their new fences installed in a matter of days.

These days, due to the pandemic, things are very different. Lockdowns have lead to many people being interested in installing fences to increase their home privacy and security, creating a surge in demand. At the same time, last year’s limitations on international travel and imports have slowed the industry down considerably, leading a lot of the metal and lumber required for fencing to be delivered much too late.

Many fence products are imported from overseas and some (especially cedar and aluminum products) come from China, which explains a lot of the greater delays from last year that continue to impact the industry to this day.

Metro Fence Arvada

If you want to make sure that your fence will be set up on time, make sure to talk to Metro Fence Arvada contractors about the products they use and what alternatives you might have to those that have to be imported. If there’s a shortage in the particular material or product that you require, they should be able to inform you about it and suggest a good alternative.