Who is Required to Paint the Fence?

In order to make sure you are not breaking the local legislation concerning fences, you should get properly informed from the right sources. For instance, you may be wondering who can paint a fence once it is built.

It is the boundary line that determines how you deal with the fencing part of your general property. Therefore, you need to find out the exact details of your situation, in order to take wise decisions and not upset your neighbors or even be accused of breaking the law.

In case you want to paint your neighbor’s part of the fence, you should ask for permission, even if it is about minor changes such as merely staining or painting a small part of the fence. Your neighbor can refuse your proposal to paint his side of the fence, and you should not do anything without mutual agreement between you two.

Brighton fence

At the same time, you may wonder whether you should do the painting on your own, or hire a professional to do the job. Although it may seem an easy job, the fact that the fence needs prior preparation may imply that professional help is more recommended than DIY.  Brighton fence painting experts can also suggest the best type of weather for painting your fence and schedule their job accordingly.