Who Pays for a Fence When the Property Lines are Shared in a Neighborhood?

Fences which are located directly on a property line often cause much confusion and many disagreements. This type of fence is usually referred to as a “partition fence”. The question is, of course, who is responsible for maintaining it, replacing it, or doing any kind of necessary interventions on this type of fencing.

Apparently, it all depends on local legislation. So, in case you are confronted with this type of situation, you should get informed about the requirements and provisions of local legal documents. Nevertheless, in many jurisdictions, the commonly accepted approach is to pay equal amounts of money, regardless of the side of the fence your home is located on.

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In other words, in case one of the neighbors decides to build a fence on a property line, he has to pay for half of it. Given the fact that costs for fences are typically measured by square foot, it is important to calculate exactly the amount of money you should pay extra to your neighbor, in case he is the one who has built the fence on your commonly shared line.

At any rate, it is very useful to consult with a local Brighton fencing company in order to get all the details straight before starting your fencing project.