Whose Responsibility Is Fence Repairs?

In some situations, it is very easy to determine whose responsibility it is to repair a damaged fence – if the fence separates your property from the street and it has been damaged by wind blowing from the direction of your building, the repairs are obviously your responsibility. However, there are much trickier situations, such as cases in which a fence separates two properties and the cause of the damage is not that clear – here are some pieces of information that can help you solve these issues:

  • Check the property deeds – most deeds contain information related to the property boundary that the owner is responsible for, so the first thing to do to find out whether you are the property owner who should handle the fence repair is to check the document;
  • Establish who caused the damage – more often than not, clearly identifying the culprit for the fence damage is difficult, but you should try, nevertheless. If it turns out that it was your neighbor who caused the damage, the repair is clearly their responsibility.

Arvada fence company wil repair your neighborhood fences

The best way to avoid disputes arising from fence damage is to agree with your neighbors about the ownership of the fence before any damage affects the hardscaping component. The discussion can take place any time, right after you move in as well as later. Call skilled Arvada fence company professionals for routine inspections and repairs.