Why Installing a Fence Helps Boost Home Resale Value

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Some fences are built to mark boundaries, to provide security and intimacy or simply as decorative elements. Unfortunately, many people ignore the potential of their fence to boost home resale value and build it randomly, without choosing quality materials or questioning the effect of matching the fence with other exterior elements.

In this context, we can say that fencing is not necessary a home value-added feature. Besides, the market value is determined by comparing the features of your property with those of other surrounding properties. So, if homes in your neighborhood do not have fences, installing your fence will not lead necessarily to a payoff. Not to mention that some neighbors may not be happy about that kind of obstruction and you may get yourself involved in legal disputes regarding property lines and maintenance cost responsibility.

On the other hand, a fence can boost home resale value if it is made from quality materials that ensure resistance, safety and match the style of the house and other exterior elements. It is also a question of the condition you keep your fence in and what buyers are looking for. The thing is, if you really want, you can transform your fence into a form of creative expression, which will work in your advantage.

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