Why Should I Replace My Fence?

Replacing your fence may not seem like the best idea, in case your fence can still be repaired. However, there are certain things that you can follow while deciding whether you should replace your fence altogether or just do some minor repairs on it.

Replacing your fence completely makes the perfect choice in case the costs of fixing and repainting your fence seem too expensive. Arvada fence company representatives suggest that the rule of thumb in this case is that, if you need to replace more than 20% of your fence pickets or panels, perhaps it is best to do a whole replacement of your fence instead.

Replacing fence posts is more difficult and often more expensive than replacing fence panels or pickets, because they require a good amount of digging, choosing the best size, and so on.

At the same time, in case your fence panels have got too old, the exact product may no longer be available from the manufacturer, so replacing your entire fence becomes the right choice for your property.

Not providing enough privacy or safety is yet another good reason to go for the whole fence replacement option. Another perfectly understandable reason is your desire to change the style of your fence.