Why the Trend of Horizontal Fences is so Popular

If you have a look at the fences in your neighborhood, you will probably see fences made from lots of different materials, but most of them will use vertical components, such as panels or posts and only the boldest, most attractive fences will have horizontal components. Installing panels and poles horizontally is the latest trend in fence design, the best way to make your fence stand out, but the attractive looks is not the only benefit of this bold, modern solution:
horizontal fencing
– Horizontal lines make your entire property stand out – horizontal posts guide the viewer’s gaze along horizontal lines, attracting attention to the length of your territory;
– The lines of a horizontal fence optically enlarge the property they delimit;
– Horizontal fences are easier and faster to install than vertical fences – the installation progresses faster if the panels are used horizontally;
– Horizontally installed components can provide more protection against the noise coming from outside your property;
– More privacy – when fence installation Denver pros construct a horizontal fence, you can enjoy more privacy because the distance between the planks or the other types of fence components can be reduced compared to vertically installed elements. No prying eyes will be able to see through your horizontal fence if that is what you want.