Why Vinyl Fencing is Great During Winter

Due to the materials and components they are made of, vinyl fences are very durable and come with very long warranties. Vinyl fences and gates in Denver installed correctly will preserve its aspect regardless of its age and the climatic conditions in the area.

This material does not rust (unlike wrought iron), its color does not fade (unlike wood), so it does not require periodic painting and varnishing.  This type of fence will not get affected by moisture either. Mold stains may appear occasionally, under certain circumstances, but only at the surface of the fence, without affecting its structure, and can be removed easily using water and detergent.

vinyl fencingPVC fences are not infallible; they can also get damaged by heavy impact such as the impact with a vehicle. However, vinyl fences are five times more flexible than other fences, as well as immune to insects attack, fungi and rot.

To have a clean fence, all you need is a water hose and possibly a stain remover. Moreover, unlike other PVC materials that lose their flexibility in cold temperatures, special vinyl components used in fences make them adapt easily to temperature differences (from minus 30 to 60 degrees plus) while maintaining their shape and flexibility.