Why Your Fence Might be Leaning

Functional Arvada fencing is very important because it is designed to maintain privacy, keep children or animal contained thus safe and it also adds to the overall aspect of the house.

However, regardless the materials they are made from, fences may have different problems. One of them is when they start to lean, which negatively affects their aspect and even make them potentially dangerous to children or pets playing nearby.

Arvada fencing repair

If you have a leaning fence, you have a problem that needs to be repaired.


What is the cause behind this problem?

  • Poor installation

Sometimes the post holes are not dug deep enough to balance the height of the fence, which causes leaning

  • Rotten fence posts

A wood fence cannot withstand forever the exposure to soil, and posts may rot or break over time, weakening the fence.

  • Damage caused by weather

Heavy rain, strong wind as well as snow accumulation also take their toll, causing the fence to become loose and lean.

How to fix a loose fence

A loose fence can be repaired by Arvada fencing repair specialists in most of the cases. The repairs will depend on what is causing the fence to lean and may include replacing fence boards, bolster existing rails, removing leaning posts etc.