Will Your New Fence Affect the Trees in Your Yard?

Ideally, new fences are installed in a way that does not harm the existing features of the space that the fence will surround, protecting the trees, shrubs and other type of vegetation on the line where the fence will be installed. There are two ways to protect the trees in your yard against damage caused by fence installation:

  • You can either have Denver fence companies install your fence at a distance from your trees, making sure that the installation does not affect the roots of your trees. Tree roots usually extend in a circle the diameter of which corresponds to the edge of the tree’s crown, but to make sure that the installation process causes no damage, it is a good idea to expand the distance between the tree and the fence a couple of inches more;

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  • You can move the trees that grow where your fence will be installed – modern excavation technology allows for safely removing and replanting even large, old trees. You will need some large machines for the process and you will also need to have a large hole dug out for the replanting, but it is a great way for preserving your tree and for having a new fence at the same time.