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Sales / Estimating

Our professional estimators and sales consultants take great pride and care in evaluating all aspects of a project, including material and labor costs in order to provide our customers with an estimate that is designed to “be surprise free.”  They develop and prepare their cost estimates for fabrication and installation from specifications and site visits. They are also involved with making any cost evaluating changes that might occur during a project for the betterment of the project.


Ben Pike
Residential & Commercial
Preconstruction Manager

email: benp@metrofence.net

Ben is a top notch pro that puts the best interests of his customers at the front of his objectives every day. He has been in the fencing industry for nearly two decades amassing volumes of practical experience, expertise and value for his customers and his company. Ben continually stays on top of new advances, products and services in the industry and undergoes continuous training with suppliers like Master Halco and Ameristar Fence. His on-going commitment to staying on top of the business through continuous education adds to the value he brings to Metro Fence Company customers. Ben’s decades of experience and knowledge in the business gives him a very clear understanding of what it takes to make customers happy and satisfied… And Ben does just that. 
Jeff Gimar
Residential Sales Consultant
email: jeffg@metrofence.net
Jeff brings along years of experience in the residential market, most recently in the new home build market. As a sales consultant, he always enjoys meeting new customers and uncovering what their unique needs are. To do so, he feels it is best to ask questions, listen carefully, and take good notes of the customer’s needs. Most often, this means summarizing with the customer to confirm exactly what the customer wants. Timely follow up is important to Jeff, as he understands open communication is essential to the customer experience. Exceeding customer expectations is an ongoing goal and Jeff strives to provide exceptional customer service.

Justin Sagarsee
email: justins@metrofence.net
Justin has been involved with commercial, industrial, government construction and property management projects for nearly ten years. His background in working with general contractors, property management companies and direct customers has given him the appropriate tools to execute an extensive variety of construction projects. Justin understands the importance of your construction needs. He is passionate about the detail oriented endeavor that allows him to complete these requests in an accurate and timely manner. Justin believes in the importance of communication throughout the construction process, from conception to installation.

Project Management

This key department is responsible for making the project happen – on time and on budget – with a minimum of on the job issues and surprises. They begin with a lot of up front logistical planning after making the initial contact with the project manager & superintendent discuss in depth the details of the project including staff and sub contractors, safety procedures, insurance, scheduling and other avenues that will make the project smooth and as hassle free as possible for all concerned.

These managers follow each project every step of the way to insure that each phase of fencing can be installed at the proper time – avoiding conflicts with other contractors and making sure we meet the schedules agreed to with the owners and contractors.

Their goal is to make every project a win/win situation for everyone involved and  “DELIVER WHAT WE PROMISE”.


Stephen Henry
Project Manager
email: stephenh@metrofence.net

Stephen serves our customers’ needs as a project manager.  Stephen started his profession by completing the hard work and diligence it takes to earn a Construction Management Degree from Colorado State University. Stephen’s hard work ethic is proven as he worked his way through college while maintaining a full time job. He has worked as a Project Engineer Apprentice, Project Engineer, Estimator and a Project Manager for a local contractor with extensive work overseas. Stephen’s well rounded balance of education, training and experience allows him to manager your project to perfection.

Jeff Johnson
email: jeffj@metrofence.net

Jeff has over 32 years of experience in the commercial and residential fencing industry that he puts into daily play for the benefit of our customers and our company. Jeff combines his many years of hands on experience, from scheduling, to field installations, gate fabrication, wood & iron fence fabrication and training installation/fabrication crews. Jeff’s years of experience enables him to orchestrate all the complicated parts and pieces that go into making every Metro Fence Company project successful for our customers and our company.

Metro Fence Company has a dedication to ensuring that the fencing projects for their customers is a great experience from the first call to the final billing.  The accounting function is executed with the same attention to detail and customer service as the all the other functions within the company.


Andrea Johnson
email: andreaj@metrofence.net

Andrea brings her over 23 years of experience in the construction industry to Metro Fence Company for the benefit of the company and their customers. Andrea can be counted on to provide rock solid accounting procedures and practices that are appreciated by all who have the pleasure of interacting with her.

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