Metro Fence Company has successfully served the needs of commercial and industrial clients in the Denver metro area since 1984. Vern Knorr and his wife Shirley purchased Metro Fence Company in 1999.

From their first day as owners they had and continue to have very specific objectives that include the following:

  • Deliver the best fencing expertise and solutions for their clients
  • Build and grow the business based on delivering exactly what they promise – one client at a time – no matter how large or small the project is.
  • Build, nurture and support the best team of fencing professionals in the industry

Their vision and mission for the company continues to be met year after year thru good economies and bad – because they continue to focus on their clients’ best interests and perpetuate their business culture from that singular focus.

fence-facilityThe best evidence of their delivering what they promise is illustrated by the fact that the majority of their business comes from client referrals.

Do yourself a favor and call on their expertise today.

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