A Quick Guide on How to Extend the Life Span of a Wooden Fence

May 31, 2020 Beth
Wooden fences can be affected severely by the elements just as any wooden item. Wooden doors are often bent out of shaped or rotting away within a few years, if they were severe...

A Simple Approach to Clean Your Vinyl Fence and Make It Look Great

May 29, 2020 Beth
Cleaning a vinyl fence can be a problem if you don’t know a few simple cleaning tricks. However, the basic idea behind it is pretty simple. A solution based on water and vinegar...

Tips to Help You Landscape Along Your Fence Line

May 27, 2020 Beth
Landscaping can be a beautiful DIY activity that will be extremely rewarding in the long run, if done right. The following tips for landscaping along your Thornton fence lin...

The Complexities of Fence Etiquette – How to Avoid Neighbor Disputes

May 25, 2020 Beth
You probably heard about the old issues with fence etiquette. In some scenarios, one person’s neighbor might complain that part of the fence was built on their property or that ...

The Most Important Things to Consider Before Choosing the Height of Your Fence

May 23, 2020 Beth
Fence height is an essential factor when trying to keep your home safe and making sure that you have the adequate amount of privacy as well. Even though you might choose to have...

Important Maintenance Tips for Chain Link Fencing – Taking Proper Care of Your Fence

May 21, 2020 Beth
Even though chain link fences are made from metal, special care has to be taken in observing the proper maintenance requirements for these types of fences. Failing to do so coul...

How to Improve Security at Your Construction Site and Prevent Theft

May 19, 2020 Beth
Construction materials and equipment can be very expensive, and some people will take the risk to steal it right from your construction site. So, if you haven’t thought about se...

How to Prevent a Dog from Digging and Escaping Under a Fence

May 17, 2020 Beth
Dogs love to dig. That’s just a fact of nature. In the case of many smaller dogs, the fence isn’t really recognized as a boundary, but more as a kind of an obstacle. So, as ...

What Type of Insurance Should You Expect from Your Fence Contractor

May 15, 2020 Beth
Insurance is an important part of the issue when you hire any kind of contractor. With fence contractors, you have to pay special attention, since their work is done outside, wh...
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