Protecting Your Children and Pets with a New Fence

December 5, 2019 Beth
Besides their decorative role, some fences are also designed for protection and security. Parents of small children as well as pet parents are concerned about keeping their chil...

Why Installing a Fence Helps Boost Home Resale Value

November 30, 2019 Beth
Some fences are built to mark boundaries, to provide security and intimacy or simply as decorative elements. Unfortunately, many people ignore the potential of their fence t...

Tips for Protecting Your Fence from Winter Weather

November 28, 2019 Beth
Winter is the season when it is most likely that we experience inclement weather, so taking extra care of your fence is important. If with a vinyl fence you will not worry about...

Why Winter is a Great Time to Install a New Fence

November 26, 2019 Beth
Although many people won`t consider the cold season for installing a fence, this time of the year can be great for such a project, as long as the weather allows people to work p...

Why It’s Important to Inspect the Fence before Buying a Home

November 24, 2019 Beth
A home should mean stability, security and intimacy. Everyone wants a good home, but in order to reach this goal, it is of course necessary to go through a series of important s...

Things to Consider Before Repainting Your Fence

November 22, 2019 Beth
If you want your fence to have a long lifespan, it must be protected. The biggest enemy of wood is moisture, so this type of fence has to be treated to withstand the weather. Th...

How Do Sound Barrier Fences Work

November 20, 2019 Beth
Normally, in areas with noise pollution, the sources of pollution must be identified by the authorities and taken the necessary measures, typically consisting in installing soun...

How Winter Might Damage Your Fence

November 18, 2019 Beth
Winter is a tough season for every exterior element of your property and the fence is no exception. Some materials are more resistant than others, so if you have a vinyl fence, ...

How a New Fence Design Can Help Jazz Up Your Landscape

November 14, 2019 Beth
Although the fence represents the first contact of the viewer with the area over which the owner has almost absolute control in shaping and decorating the space according to...
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