In Search of the Most Appealing Real Estate Areas in the Denver Region

If you’re planning on relocating to Denver in order to try your luck on the local real estate market, there are many excellent areas you can consider. If you already own a house in Denver, chances are its value has already gone up in the past few months, and it’s continuing to climb right now.

 model houseSelling it and purchasing a real estate property somewhere else, or investing in real estate when you just arrived in Colorado can be a very lucrative process, as long as you know which real estate areas to consider.

Part of South Denver, a historically significant area of Denver that was initially built in 1886, Platte Park is one of the most distinguished neighborhoods in the city. A mix of old and new, this neighborhood is a great choice if you want to invest in stylish Victorian houses and attract lots of wealthy buyers.

Another real estate area with a significant historic heritage, Five Points is a beautiful place known for having played host to jazz legends like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. The neighborhood is an important part of Denver’s culture and can be a good choice for realtors just starting out with their businesses.

Finally, we have Capitol Hill, one of the most fashion forward neighborhoods in the Denver metropolitan area. It’s known as a hipster’s dream come true and a great place to find the most unique restaurants and food places in the city.

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Find the Best Rated Public High Schools in the Colorado Area

Quality high schools are found throughout the country, and depending on where you live, some of them can actually help you gain an excellent education and great opportunities for future studies. If you’re planning to move to Colorado with your family, then you will definitely be interested in finding a local high school that has everything you need.graduation from high schoolYou’ll find the Denver area to be particularly proficient when it comes to this aspect:

  • Fairview High School has an excellent reputation among parents and students alike. With a resourceful staff, ingenious lessons and good options when it comes to preparing for high school, Fairview offers students the best training they can get, while still giving them a nurturing and supportive environment where they feel they can really thrive.
  • Cherry Creek is probably the best high school in Denver. Here the teachers are thoroughly invested in the students’ success, and the school scores excellent marks when it comes to college preparation, academics and available extracurricular activities that students can engage in.
  • Lakewood is another elite public high school, where your child can definitely grow up to excel in academics. The athletic program of the school has also grown a great deal during the past decade, and Lakewood has an overall graduation rate of more than 88%.

Whether you decide to open enroll your children into the best high school, or move to a neighborhood that directly feeds into the high school of your choice, Metro Fence – a leading Denver fence company, wishes you and your student all the best success that a good education provides!